October school Holiday 2017

Are you going in holiday?
Wonder what the kids will eat 5pm, when they are hungry and the ‘Braai’ did not even start!?!?!?

Single Meal BULK PACK
@R440 for 15 very Handy Healthy complete little meals in the freezer, your holiday will be just a bit more relaxed.
3x Spaghetti & meatballs(4 little balls & smooth veggie sauce)
3x Tuna Shells
3x Chicken Stew with Basmati
3x Sneaky Mac & Cheese
3x Cottage Pie with Potato&Carrot mash

Next Delivery Days:
Friday 29 September & 13 October 2017!!
(NO Delivery during School Holidays 2 – 6 Oct)

Have a SAFE and WONDERFUL Holiday!!!

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